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Boost Your Sales Performance
with Sales Behavioral Competencies

Hit the Ground Running - Harrison Assessments

Hit the Ground Running

Envision a world where your sales team doesn't just meet their targets - they consistently surpass them. With Harrison Assessments' innovative Sales Behavioral Competencies (BC) tool, you can turn that vision into a reality. Our Sales BC tool is specifically designed to help you identify, develop, and retain top-performing sales talent who exceed quotas and drive success.

Unlock Superior Sales Talent - Harrison Assessments

Unlock Superior Sales Talent

Our Sales BC tool delves into twelve key sales competencies to give you a comprehensive view of each salesperson's capabilities. Unearth sales professionals who are result-driven, entrepreneurial, solution-oriented, persuasive, adept at relationship management, and possess a growth mindset. Whether you're selling to businesses or individuals, or dealing with low-cost or high-cost products, our Sales BC tool is flexible enough to adapt to your unique needs.

Simplify Your Recruitment and Development - Harrison Assessments

Simplify Your Recruitment and Development

Revolutionize your recruitment process and discover candidates who hit the ground running. Use our BC tool to design unique role profiles, enabling you to conduct efficient behavioral interviews and maximize your recruitment ROI. But that's not all - our Sales BC tool goes beyond recruitment to foster strategic employee development, so you can focus on proactive development, boosting sales performance, and enhancing team engagement.

Enjoy Customized Flexibility - Harrison Assessments

Enjoy Customized Flexibility

While our Sales BC tool comes with preset formulas, we understand that every role and organization is unique. Hence, we offer customization options that allow you to create unique BC assessments that reflect the exact competencies needed for your specific sales roles.

Comprehensive Talent Management Platform - Harrison Assessments

Comprehensive Talent Management Platform

While the Sales Behavioral Competencies tool is a game-changer on its own, it becomes even more potent when combined with our extensive range of Talent Management Solutions. By integrating BC scores with tools like Job Success Analysis, Team Development, and Paradox technology you're equipped with a 360-degree view of every individual's capabilities and growth potential. With Harrison Assessments, you're not just getting a tool; you're investing in a holistic platform designed to elevate sales performance, bolster job satisfaction, and enhance employee retention. Dive into a realm of unparalleled potential and success with Harrison Assessments.

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